"I count myself one of the number of those who write as they learn and learn as they write." ~St. Augustine

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Look at Me!

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How often do we hear it when we are out and about?  At a public swimming pool, a park or the beach...  we hear the cry, "Look at me, Mommy!" or "Watch this!"

Look at me!  

Little children are always clamoring for their parent's attention.  They are blunt and forthright about this longing...  they cry out!  Watch me.  Do you see me!?  Look at me!  

Little girls twirl in their skirts.  Little boys run fast and jump high.  They want to show you something--- they want to show you themselves.  

They want you to see them and take note!  Look at me!  is the heart cry of every child.  

This is my heart cry sometimes, too.  Is it yours?  I think we all still walk around asking the same question from time-to-time.  Do you see me?  With our words and our behavior, we twirl and we run and jump high! We want to be seen and noticed.  We want to be known.  "Look at me!" we cry out.  

I was struck with this thought yesterday as I was reading in John 9.  "As He was going along, He saw a man born blind" (John 9:1)

Jesus saw.  

He took note of this man.  Jesus took note of a man that was overlooked and unseen (and unseeing!)...  He saw him.  Then, to top it off, after healing this man and being separated from him for some time, Jesus goes out of his way again to look for this man.  He searches for him again.  And, Jesus finds him!  (John 9:35)

Jesus sees and He searches.  He is so personal.  He walked around this earth so awake, aware and open!  

Recently, I was thinking and praying about my own struggle with vanity and insecurity.  I was thinking about the temptation toward self-focus and pride.  What is the answer to this age-old plague within me?!  There are times I just want to be noticed.  Just like a little girl in pink, I want to twirl and shout, "Look at me!"

I feel this tendency rising within and I experience a deep need to be noticed.  My natural Stephanie-answer is to correct these feelings and tell them to go away... "you bad feelings-you!"  

Is this the way, Lord Jesus?  As I was praying, I asked the Lord what He might say to this...  Lord Jesus what would You say to this?  Why do I clamor for attention and notice, Lord?  

After processing a few reasons for the "why" in my personal history...  I, then, felt the tender whisper of His truth waft across my mind, "Stephanie, I see you."  

I see you!  

Ah!  my spirit felt relief with this thought  Ah! The answer...  My answer is Him---the God Who Sees!  

I don't have to stop, punish and suppress that childish need to be seen! This age-old question, "Do you see me?!" has been answered!  Yes, I see you!  I have always seen you and am ever watchful.    

I don't have to stop twirling in my pink skirt.  I simply need to remember that I am seen!  He sees me.  I don't have to cry out any longer, Look at me!  He saw me in my mother's womb (Psalm 139:16).  And, He sees and searches for me every day.  

He sees you, too.  So twirl for Him!  Run fast and jump high today.  Bring a smile to His face today!  He has always seen you.  And, He always will.  
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