"I count myself one of the number of those who write as they learn and learn as they write." ~St. Augustine

Why "Koodaigirl"?

My long-term, overseas life started in the 90s. We lived in Kazakstan, Central Asia. The word "koodai*" is the Kazakh word for God. I have been calling myself "koodaigirl" for many years.  

Koodaigirl is "God's girl" in a language I learned to love and admire.  
His girl. His deeply loved daughter.
Although I was not aware of my roots, my Divine family heritage, until age 15, I have always been "His alone".
His Word tells me that before the foundation of the world, before creation, I was chosen to be His, to be in Him and like Him. 
I was created to be in relationship with my good and perfect Father. I belong to Him.

Belonging is a nice concept. It is a concept that feels warm and right to my soul. The more I learn about my Father- His goodness, kindness, wisdom, strength and love-- the more the concept of belonging to Him is a wonderfully comforting thought!

Now, the trick is living my every day... my practical washing the laundry, schooling the children and cleaning the dishes every day... as His.
I desire to "live as loved".  I desire to live my life as His alone, for Him alone and in His strength. This is where the knowledge and the real living are separated from each other like the one canyon precipice from another. I long for koodaigirl (God's girl) to define me.  I long for my belonging to God Almighty to inform my every activity, every thought, my every motivation.

May it be so, Lord, in Your strength alone! May I live my life as Your girl.

*Koodai is pronounced: Koo (like too)- dai (like die). Too-die-girl
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