"I count myself one of the number of those who write as they learn and learn as they write." ~St. Augustine

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Always Present Moon

I just love seeing the moon during the day.   It always surprises me and brings me a message of God's always-Presence.

Out the kitchen window, while wiping down the sink today, there it was...  the moon.  Blue skies, green trees, the sunshine and ...the moon.  In broad daylight-- there it is--sitting in it's spot.  I could just imagine this day-lit moon was smiling at me with a laughing smirk and a wink.  He is calling my heart to remember that indeed he is still there.  The morning didn't send him away... he still remained.

Hidden, but there.  Unseen but always present.

That moon is always there, but unseen most days.  It never "goes away" really.  It is always up there rotating consistently and faithfully in the sky. I just don't always see it.

This has been a theme the Lord has been whispering into my heart lately.  Daily He seems to remind me to keep awake and aware.  This sleepy, sun drowned or cloudy world keeps me from seeing Him much of the time.  Sometimes I just forget or "fall asleep" in the haze of distraction.

Today my heavenly Father let my eyes fall on the hidden moon.  I want to see more, Father.  

Give me eyes to see, Father.  Give me an awakened heart to see, to hear, to be aware and awake today! May I see You, may I hear You, may I know Your voice.

"The real labor is to remember, to attend.  In fact, to come awake still more, and to remain awake."  ~C.S. Lewis
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