"I count myself one of the number of those who write as they learn and learn as they write." ~St. Augustine

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Beautiful Laughter

Laughter filled our car and our souls. I laughed so hard that my stomach began to ache and my face was hurting from smiling. The laughter welling up within would finally begin to die down and one of my kids, or my husband, would say something even a little funny... and the laughter would burst forth with power. The car was booming with giggles and belly laughs.

I will say we do laugh a lot in our family. But, those moments are priceless and beautiful. Those moments are almost frozen in time. Frozen in my memory are the sounds, the jokes, the music of laughter from the back seat, the look on his face--- her face---, the "stop" that I yell at my husband through laughter so that the "laughter-torture" will cease. ... sweet and priceless.

I wonder what Jesus looked like when He laughed? What does God's laughter sound like?

Certainly He does laugh, right? He IS exceedingly joyful and happy. John Piper describes Christ, "as always indestructibly happy." And, Proverbs declares that He was beside God, the Father at Creation, "daily his delight, rejoicing before him always". And, again, in Hebrews Christ is described as being "anointed with God's oil of gladness". Gladness. Joy. Happiness.

Just as tears are an outlet for anger, sadness, and frustration; laughter is one physical outlet for joy, happiness, and contentment. And, certainly God created it in us. Yes, indeed, I do believe that the Son of Man laughed. What might it have looked like to see Him laugh?! I wish we had a record of it. I wish I could know what His face might look like or what His laugh sounded like.

When He laughed, did His side ever ache? Did His head fall back and His mouth gape open as He laughed? Did His laugh sound deep like a storm, like thunder or a crashing wave? Or, does God's laugh sound light and sing-songy like a bird? Or does He laugh like my son who laughs almost without sound... just air coming forth from His mouth? I wonder, Did He cover His mouth like I do when I laugh? or did He snort like my sweet daughter will do from time to time? What did Jesus sound like when He laughed?

I like to imagine it. It brings peace to my heart to think of my sweet Jesus laughing.

Did He laugh with us yesterday as our bellies hurt and our faces grew sore from smiling? I like to wonder what joy He was feeling as laughter filled our car and was medicine for our souls.
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