"I count myself one of the number of those who write as they learn and learn as they write." ~St. Augustine

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Cures what ails ya'!

It is amazing what a good night sleep will do for perspective, isn't it?!

Man, the other night I totally lost all perspective! All semblance of rational or reasonable thought flew out the window. Exhaustion blew in and seemed to cloud my heart, my soul and my mind. Simply put, my world was collapsing. All was lost!

My judgement was not "sober" and my mind was not "sound". I was clouded and under-the-influence. ...not by alcohol or drugs, but by tiredness.

In this moment, my husband kindly reminded me it was "after my bedtime" and I just needed to go to bed. I listened and obeyed. (smile). That night I think I slept that nearly 9 hours... and when I woke up, the circumstances hadn't changed, but my perspective was renewed. The world was not crashing down around me... and my life and ministry were not all "for naught!" New eyes replaced sleepy ones from the night before.

It is amazing what a good night's sleep will do for the mind! Without being too terribly simplistic it can certainly "cure what ails ya'!"

God shares His thoughts on sleep and rest throughout His word. He grants it to those He loves, He says... and leads His own to quiet places to rest. He values rest. He values deep rest. Real rest, in fact, is so highly valued that it is commanded by God. It is a must, a non-negotiable, a holy law that is not to be taken lightly. He tells us to keep the "rest" holy and to rest in Him... real rest. This is more than just sleep!!

What would a Sabbath-life look like? What kind of perspective or "sober judgement" would we have? I can begin to imagine a life where rest (good sleep included) was a regular and rhythmic part of my days. It is what God has for me, I know. Just as it is good for me to not murder, to not steal and to keep watch on what or Who I worship; it is good for me to rest and to keep His Sabbath holy.

Sabbath... Rest.... Sleep. It cures what ails ya'!

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