"I count myself one of the number of those who write as they learn and learn as they write." ~St. Augustine

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Fish counting

I just read a piercing blog post at A Holy Experience. And, as I sit here I feel compelled to "count my fish" just as the disciples did that foggy, early morning in John 21.

And, so begin to I count...
1. Ridiculous generosity shown to our family each month, every month.... for 10 years.
2. More mind-boggling and insane financial gifts yesterday.
3. Coffee and quite moments.
4. Warm oatmeal, eaten with morning chatter.
5. A little boy who still wants to climb up on my lap in the mornings.
6. A little girl who wants her back scratched and can never get enough.
7. Exercise, sweat, and stretching.
8. A computer.
9. Honest blog posts that touch my soul.
10. Kind emails that rejoice with us.
11. Friends that will rejoice with me even when their day is hard.
12. God's Word... fresh for today.
13. A comfy chair.
14. A sweet neighbor that smiles and waves as she passes by.
15. A sweet pup who is ever hopeful, ever expecting a treat.
16. My 8 year old "Rockband" drummer that is as cute as can be.
17. Good books.
18. Happy voices playing in the next room.
19. A piano and piano practice.
20. Sunshine and frost playing on my window.
21. Music.
22. Pictures drawn by little hands.
23. Making plans for the future and excitement about upcoming events.
24. Opening an early Christmas present. ... just because.
25. The smell of baking apple pie.
26. A difficult night sleep that allowed quiet moments to pray.
27. Pain and suffering. Past memories to bring again to the feet of Jesus.
28. Allergy medicine and a warm shower.
29. The gorgeous, blue-eye-man-that-I-love smiling at me.
30. A God who pursues...
and pursues... and pursues.

A Friend who pursues me and fills my net with abundance... my net is breaking this morning as I drag myself to the shore and count the fish.
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