"I count myself one of the number of those who write as they learn and learn as they write." ~St. Augustine

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Angry Storms

It says in Matthew 8, that the storm came up without any warning. No warning. The disciples were just boatin' along and whamo... a storm.

Do you ever feel that way?

It says that the storm was furious. The storm was mad. An angry storm came upon them without any warning. They weren't ready for it. And, when it came... it was angry.

Isn't this how some circumstances feel in our lives sometimes?

When these storms come up... that fevered child at midnight, that unexpected medical bill, that loneliness hits, that nasty look from your pre-teen, that sick family member, that temptation tugs, or that "one more thing!" that has to be done today...

When these storms come without warning and with fury, we respond just like the disciples did in rocking, tussled boat.

The storms hit, large or small, and we cry out!! "Help! Save me!"

And, then, our next natural response is to prophecy. Don't we look at the wind, the waves, and the rocking boat and our future goes all dark and dreary. We predict our bleak future, "We are going to drown!" (Matthew 8:25)

I am going to drown here! Do you ever say that?

These are real problems. And, sometimes waves mean disaster. Storms can hurt. This storm in Matthew 8, was dangerous. In Luke, the same storm is discussed and true, eminent danger is written about.

It was scary. It was actually dangerous.

And, we get afraid. We scream, "Help me!" and we can only see dismal and dark ahead.

... that fever hurting that child, that bill not being paid, that sick family member dying, that never-ending and forever loneliness, that pre-teen rebelling, that fall to temptation, and that "one more thing" not getting done... or us breaking under the weight of it all. We only see and think, "we are going to drown!!"

The truth is, though, while we do need a mild rebuke... as did the disciples, "you of little faith. why where you so afraid!" (vs. 26). While we need a repositioning of perspective and light shown into our minds, hearts and souls; what we really need... and what He gives us... is deliverance. We need Him to show up, to stand up! We need to be reminded of Who He is, that One in the boat with us.

We need Him to speak. We need Him to rescue us.

We need His voice to speak to that furious storm and say, "shhh!". We need Him to get up and say to that angry wave, "Be still".

And, that is exactly what He does when we cry out. When we say, "Help. Save us!". He does speak. He stands up and rebukes the angery waves. He tells them to "Shut up" for a moment.

And, in that moment, everything in our souls goes "completely calm". Complete and utter calm. Perfect peace. ...

The water did stir again after those words from Jesus. Other storms rose up and waves roared in anger again on that lake. But, for that moment, ... for that sweet moment in time, Peace reigned and all was still. All was well. And, this is what we need. And, this is what He gives.

Do you ever feel this way?

My sweet Jesus. My brother. My friend. Thank you that You are Prince of Peace. Thank you for showing up, for standing up and telling those waves to be quiet for a while. Thank you for rescuing me and my friends from the storms around us. We are desperate for you. We need You! We need Your voice. We need Your presence.
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