"I count myself one of the number of those who write as they learn and learn as they write." ~St. Augustine

Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Impossible

Do the impossible.

It seems like He is often asking it from me. His nudges, His pokes, His prods, His whispers...

Come up higher, He invites.

Go further, He whispers. Feed them, He prods. You give them something to eat, He suggests.

Reading in Luke 9, I am struck by His suggestion... or is it a command? ... to His disciples. "You give them something to eat" (v. 9:13). He was telling them to do something impossible. Simply impossible. "about five thousand men were there" (v.14).

But, still, He tells them to do it. Do the impossible, He says.

But, how, Lord? ... they respond.
We only have this much to give... We only have two fish ...

And, I respond the same way. How, Lord? I only have this much energy... I only have this much money? I only have this much time? ... I only have this much knowledge and experience... How, Lord? This is beyond me!

I can almost imagine the slight smile on Jesus' face when He tells his disciples to sit the men down and give Him the fish.

It is almost as if He is saying with a glimmer and light in His eyes, Give me what you have!! Give it to me and WATCH! Watch the impossible. I can imagine Him saying it with delight and energy.

He knows what we have and He knows what He is asking. And, yet, He still asks. He asks the impossible.

So, today, Lord help me to give you what I have. I give to you my energy and my effort. I give you my time and my resources. And, I say, I want to come up higher and do more. And, I will watch You (and me) do the impossible.
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