"I count myself one of the number of those who write as they learn and learn as they write." ~St. Augustine

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Be Brave Stephanie

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I was away from home.  And, very, very sick.

Sick and weak, I had to travel home--- 10 hours and 3 flights and 2 more security checks and 2 more passport controls---   

Sometimes we think we have to be strong for tomorrow.  We don't.  God kindly tells us to not worry about tomorrow.  Just look at today, He says.  We can trust Him for tomorrow.  Oh! What freedom I feel when I can just live in today! 

But, this day...this travel day...  I couldn't see past the next flight.  Or, the next hour.  Tomorrow wasn't even on my mind.  I really can't make it another 8 hours, Lord!!!   My heart was crying, physical tears only at the surface of my eyes ready to pour over for the whole of gate 21G to see!!

Then, like fresh air, I had this wonderful, Spirit-Truth thought:  You only have to be brave one hour at a time.  Can you ask Me for that, Stephanie?  Can you be brave one hour?  

I didn't feel brave.  I couldn't make it another flight.  Another hour.  I felt so week and so sick. 

Only one hour at a time, Lord? 

Yes, be brave just one more hour... okay?  

Lord, would You help me be brave one hour more?  

Yes, Stephanie.  One hour at a time, we can do this.  Be brave and courageous. 

I was brave one more hour.   And, then the next hour.   One. Hour. At. A. Time.  He walked me home.  

He brought me to my comfy, warm bed.  He tucked me in and I have been sleeping since.  ...and feeling much better today!  What will come tomorrow?  

I don't know.  But, I don't have to worry about tomorrow!!  I just need to be brave for today...  

I am giving thanks for each hour of care.  I am giving thanks for today.  ...and the myriad of other grace-gifts I have been counting this past week.  I am joining in with Ann Voskamp and others as we count our way to 1,000 gifts.  

#139.  A tight hug from my man. 

#145.  Bright morning light.

147.  My microwave.

149.  A sweet friend that notices me emotionally unwell and asks.  

152.  Music.

157.  Smooth flights leaving home and traveling so long.

158.  Welcoming homes in a foreign land.

160.  Open hearts of beautiful ladies and looking deep within and upward.

163.  Miraculous wellness only when I needed it most. 

165.  Brave one hour at a time. 

166.  Welcome home flowers, signs and hugs.  

168.  Wellness in my body---wow!  what good it feels to feel well again!  

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