"I count myself one of the number of those who write as they learn and learn as they write." ~St. Augustine

Friday, November 6, 2009

His Liver to Mine

What comes out of our mouths, the words we speak, say so much about what is in our hearts. The good, the bad, the beautiful and the ugly come from our hearts and spill out of our mouths. Our words mean something. When we feel strongly, when we think deeply, when we ponder and question... we try to share our hearts with others with words. With words we attempt to put vocabulary, sounds and/or symbols on a page that might somehow explain the truth that is deep within us. It is hard for me to grasp sometimes... but it is true for our God, as well.

In the Kazakh language they use an interesting phrase that has stuck with me since learning the language 10 years ago. When you love someone... you don't love them with your heart, you love them with your liver. You know that place deep within you that feels? You know that physical place in your gut that can actually feel anxious, or scared, or sad... Is it in your chest? Is it in your stomach or your gut? Where is it?

This place is your "heart". In Kazakh that place is your "liver" (bauer). We say we ask Jesus into our "hearts". What we are really saying is that from our deepest part, from the center of our being, from our gut... we are inviting Him in. We want Him to come and live in us, deep within us, ...in our "hearts" (our English word for it). In Kazakh we love our husband from our liver and we ask Jesus into our liver.

From my Father's depths... from His inner core, the center of God... from his heart, or from His liver, come His thoughts. Just like us, His feelings and His being spill out into words. The Word of God. It changes my heart toward the Scriptures when I remember this. When I open this book... this sweet book... I am reading something that has spilled out of God's depths, God's center. When I read His word I am reading His mind, His heart, His thoughts. I am reading what is in His gut. His words are from Him. His words are very real part of Him. His words are a part of Him, His very thoughts, coming forth from His mouth... to the page... into my eyes, into my mind and intended to penetrate my depths.

From His inner being... out His mouth and into my inner being... my heart. So, when I read, "He rejoices over you with singing!" (Zeph. 3:17), I don't have to wonder if it is true. When I read, "I am the Lord, there is no other" or " I will be with you always", I don't have to wonder or question what God thinks. I know it sounds funny to say, but I am struck with the fact that God himself believes it! He, Himself, is sharing the truth from His depths, from His center. It is Him coming forth from His mouth. What is in His heart, the words He speaks, say so much about what is in His heart.
...Or what is in His liver. His liver to mine.
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