"I count myself one of the number of those who write as they learn and learn as they write." ~St. Augustine

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Like a good ballet

Our team has the fun opportunity to attend the ballet, The Nutcracker, this Christmas. I am very excited! I absolutely love a good ballet. I love to watch a well danced ballet...

I have watched and participated in a "good ballet" this past few days. Our team danced well this last week. It is so great to "do life" and work with a team. I so see God's wisdom in making each member of His body different and with different roles. I am so aware this morning of why He gives us each other. When working well, the Body is a beautiful thing!

Team is not always easy, of course. Just like our physical bodies... when one part isn't functioning well the whole body is affected. As it is with the Body of Christ, when one part... or two parts together are not working well together, then what an unhealthy mess we can be! But, when functioning well and within our gifting the Body can be beautiful.

Like a beautiful ballerina dancing her debut solo performance. She is well trained, physically fit, and well practiced. She understands the choreography, the staging, the lighting and the music. The stage is well staffed with the props she needs, her dressing room with outfits and people to help her change, and the lighting is adjusted just so. The orchestra knows exactly the timing and the notes that need to be played,... when to pause, when to begin. All this and so much more allow the one ballerina to dance the Sugar Plum Fairy solo with ease and grace. Now, give this girl a chest cold, a broken foot, a missing outfit, a wrong size in her ballet slippers, a violinist off beat, a broken light bulb or a bad conductor and you get a different picture. This is team--- one way or the other.

Our team danced well this week. We had guests come. These were really our guests, requesting time with my husband and I... and so our team didn't really have to "do" anything. These guests were really our responsibility to care for. There were no "musts" when it came to our team's involvement. But, man!, this family wouldn't have received half the care (maybe more than half) without the help of our team. What a blessing the Body of Christ is when working together! What fun to perform together a good ballet before our Father.

Father I am grateful for my brothers and sisters. I am grateful for Your wisdom in making us a Body. Help us to glorify You as our head as we function well, as we love each other well and as we work together well. Be honored and glorified, Lord in our team.
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