"I count myself one of the number of those who write as they learn and learn as they write." ~St. Augustine

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Protecting God

"I am so glad God is not a human... so we can't hurt his feelings."

Me, too, sweet girl... me, too!--- was my only response to this heartfelt comment from my super sensitive daughter. 
Our girl came out of the womb aware of the feeling's of others. She reads a group of people better than her father or I, and is often very accurate about how other's around her are feeling. She has been gifted with a spiritual and emotional discernment that is distinct and powerful. 
It is true that our greatest strengths can be our greatest weakness. While she is discerning peoples emotional state, she is also very afraid of "hurting people's feelings". She hates to be the source of another person's pain. She will often lie, even, to protect another's feelings. She has a beautiful gift that when twisted can produce dishonesty, hiding her emotions and/or a "need" to protect.

This statement my girl made about God is significant. ...truth from the mouth of babes.  I was moved the moment she spoke it out.

My girl had written out her prayer to God this morning. Apparently, while writing her heart she was afraid in a quick moment that "if I wrote that to God it would hurt his feelings". 
But in that moment, the Truth of our unmovable, everlasting Father and Almighty God, came streaming into her mind and heart. She realized, and remembered, that she could tell God anything! What freedom! 
God, the Father, is not a human and He can handle anything I tell Him!! His is unshakable.  She was relieved and continued to share her heart with this amazing God and Father. 

I am so glad that God can handle our real emotions, our real hearts and our real thoughts. We can be honest with this Father. We don't have to protect Him!  I am so very glad that I can't hurt His feelings, too!
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