"I count myself one of the number of those who write as they learn and learn as they write." ~St. Augustine

Friday, February 19, 2010

Trudge the Muck

It rains a lot where I live. It doesn't rain all the time... but it rains a lot. With rain comes extraordinary beauty ... and mud.

We walked to the coast today. We donned our "wellies" (Wellington boots) and started on our nature-filled prayer walk. Up and over stiles and through "kissing gates" we wandered our way down to the coast.

Toward the end of our journey we came to a path, a narrow path, that was wellie-deep mud. The mud, the muck, the cow-pie filled path was a bit daunting. But, we had our destination in mind and on we went.

As we made our way through the mucky path, I intuitively wanted to side step the mud. I kept attempting to put my feet on the edge of the path... to skirt it, to get around it somehow.

Although my "wellies" could actually handle the mud and water with no problem, I instinctively was avoiding the muck. But, every time I attempted to straddle or side-step, I would loose my footing and begin to slip. Why wouldn't I just trust the wellies and walk through the mud? As the journey continued, I found myself listening to a still small voice within speaking to my soul.

There is just no simple way through this life, this spiritual journey that is life, except to go through it. If we want to get to our final destination, our goal, of being like Christ... we must walk the path following Him where ever He takes us.

But, instinctively I try to avoid the hard stuff... the muck. Often, I try to side step it... to skirt the pain, the suffering, the hard choices, the discipline, and the honesty that my soul sees as daunting. He wants us to walk through it. He asks us to follow Him AND take up our cross. I try to avoid the cross part, sometimes.

The rain brought vibrant beauty... and it brought mud.

Our journey today had moments of glory and a destination that was beautiful. But, a portion of the path wasn't so fun to trudge through. The destination was worth it. And, I kept my footing on the mucky path by just walking through it... not trying to avoid it. I trusted the wellies. I walked through the mud without falling, as I had feared. At the end of narrow path, I found myself at the coast line. The glory of the destination was worth the difficulty of the mucky path.
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