"I count myself one of the number of those who write as they learn and learn as they write." ~St. Augustine

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Spaghetti Sauce

It is truly amazing what will shake my peace and steal my joy. Today it was spaghetti sauce.

I know it sounds seriously wrong to admit that splattered spaghetti sauce (twice, I might add!) on my new sweater would send me into a *mild* tantrum. But, it did. Joy gone. Peace squashed. ...all because of the spaghetti sauce!

I was just so mad. And, it wasn't supposed to happen! I was being so careful. And, still it slopped, spattered, and jumped out of the pot ALL over my clothes. ...down my leg and even onto my sock.

There are moments, I think, when I almost stand outside myself looking in. In this moment, when I "arghh"-ed my way to the sink. "Man!" I said ... "No!!"... "Ahhh!" I said under my breath, as I headed quickly to the sink to attempt a sweater rescue... (but actually just spread the spaghetti sauce wider with water and deeper into my new (light colored) sweater! ) Can you just feel the frustration?

But, truly, I could almost stand outside myself and watch my reaction, my behavior. Or was it me watching? Right smack dab in the middle of the frustrating moment, there was almost a..., shall we say,...a still small voice... commenting as I stomped, and scrubbed, and ranted. "Really? This reaction?" it seemed to say. Was it my own voice or my own conscience? ...was it the Spirit of God? Was this His voice? I do believe the Holy Spirit of Christ lives in me and around me. Was it Him watching on and speaking to me?

I will say that this watching-commentary of sorts was kind in tone. I wasn't hearing condemnation. I was hearing more of an invitation really. ...a whisper somewhere in my soul that said, without words, "This doesn't have to rock you." This doesn't have to be that big of a deal. You can be unmoved by this.

I know God invites me to perfect peace. His invites me to have an unshakable faith and a trust that is solid, and unmovable. I know that He says it is possible to be thankful in all circumstances and to rejoice in difficulties. He tells me I can do all things without complaining or arguing. He tells me that His strength gives me power to do all things. He says I can rest in Him. He invites me to all this and more.

Is splattered spaghetti sauce outside of this promise and invitation? I don't think so.

Kind, gentle Father continue to teach me about You, Your peace, and Your Presence. Father, please fill me to full. May the peace of your son, Christ truly rule, and reign over me. May every moment of my day be filled and sustained by the power of You and Your strength.
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