"I count myself one of the number of those who write as they learn and learn as they write." ~St. Augustine

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Giving from Plenty

Our apple tree has been amazing this year. The crop has been crazy big and so fruitful, I can't seem to get all the apples peeled, chopped, and frozen before I need to harvest a new batch. The funny thing about this blessing is that it can be overwhelming... how can something so good feel like too much sometimes!

I realized again, as I harvested (the last?) ripened fruits from this flourishing tree, that I had freedom... maybe even leading.... to give away more and more. These past 6 weeks I have given bags and bags of apples away. And, filled my freezer! ...abundance. I get tired of the abundance. I get tired of the giving. I think to myself today "with these last few... should I just trash them?"

Do I really have to be a good steward of ALL the blessings, ALL these pesky apples!! Or, can I just choose to throw them away. Can I just be done giving today? Certainly I am sick of seeing apples... aren't my family, my neighbors and friends sick of them too?!

Give them away. This is what I believe He whispers into my heart and I must obey. To continue giving away the blessings I have received and to never scorn the abundance that is dropped in my lap. I must continue to give... as Father continues to give, both apples and otherwise.

If my friends, my family, and my neighbors are sick of my giving... my apples, my prayers, my service, and my statements about faith then they can deal with those "blessings" put in their laps. I suppose it is their job to choose to trash it or to use it or to give it away themselves. I just know I need not stop giving.

Father, I will choose to be a good steward of the abundance of blessings you have showered down on me! I have been given so much! I will...freeze some, eat some, and give lots away...
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