"I count myself one of the number of those who write as they learn and learn as they write." ~St. Augustine

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Talking Creation

The heavens talk about God. They pour forth, gush speech. The "are telling" it says in Psalm 19:1 about God's glory.

I was so moved this morning when I read these words, as they jumped off the page and struck my heart with good, healthy slap!

The heavens talk. They declare. They recount and chat about the Glory of God. His Creation speaks.

And they speak not just once... not just every now and again. But, (v.2) "day after day" they pour forth speech. Day after day they utter, they whisper and they tell about His Glory. Night after night they tell about what they know! They boast about God and talk, and talk, and talk about Him.

And, heaven's words, Creation's speech, is not hard to understand. It isn't a foreign language that is difficult to learn or to take in. It is simple. It is profound, but simple. To every tribe, tongue and nation this speech goes forth. (v.3,4)

What does it say about Him and His glory?

What do the stars utter? What does the sun say? What does the wind and the rain recount? What is it that the planets are saying and what do the flowers whisper?

Jesus tells us to "consider the ravens" and to "watch the lilies". Look at them, He says. Think on them. Watch and listen... they speak.

So, this week when a fully arched rainbow appeared over my town and my neighbors commented and noticed in awe...I considered this! What do the rainbows say about God and His glory?! ... for the heaven's declare the glory of the Lord!
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