"I count myself one of the number of those who write as they learn and learn as they write." ~St. Augustine

Monday, June 20, 2011

Food is Love

My sister-in-law has a sweet, funny saying or joke, "Food is love!" Well, this week, I have seen this love!!!

Again, tonight a warm meal arrived at my door at 6:00. In response to my recent operation and my recovery, our family is receiving daily love-gifts. Love comes to my door--- from my friends and neighbors in the beautiful, tangible form of food. Amazing. Humbling. Healthy, filling food. ...healthy, filling love on a plate.

Each week, I join a group of brothers and sisters in counting our way to 1,000 grace-gifts from a kind Father. We are attempting to see God and His gifts throughout our days--and to note them, count them. Each day Father brings "to my door" tangible, warm, amazing love gifts. He pours out daily grace gifts... and I am learning to see them more.

Here are a few on my list from these past two weeks:
#701. Happy kids

#702. Seeing his face as he gets off the train. He is home!

#704. She give him a bouquet of flowers... an offering of love.

#708. My tired man sleeps past his alarm. ...let him sleep, he needs it!

#711. He sits there in the hospital room for days. He reaches out to touch my head ...to let me know he is there.

#712. Hemmed in.

#718. A darling, kind nurse who calls me "darling".

#719. Prayer emails pour in... people are praying. What a blessing!

#721. Chicken soup made with love. Yummy love

#724. Nurses who give dignity even when all pride and modesty go out the window.

#727. Compassionate looks, sad eyes, tender touches from my children.

#728. Flowers dropped by.

#739. He sings to me, "I do all things well!"

#743. Breakfast conversations about deep things, real things, God things.

#746. Forced silenced, reflection, a laying down. Literally.

#747. She keeps checking on me, ...my sweet girl.

#752. Blue skies and dancing green trees outside my window.

#756. A walk in the rain.

#757. Quick forgiveness given. Asked. Given.

#763. He wanted to put my shoes on for me... even after I could do it for myself again.

Join the journey! Join the love feast at www.aholyexperience.com.

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