"I count myself one of the number of those who write as they learn and learn as they write." ~St. Augustine

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Whose are you?

To whom do you belong?  Who do you belong to?

Whose are you?  

Confusing grammar aside...  I am asking myself this question today.  To be more accurate, I wonder if God is asking me this question.

Paul answers this question in one beautiful sentence that lighted off the page this morning...  "An angel of the God whose I am and whom I serve came to me this morning."  (Acts 27:23)

The God whose I am...

I am His.  I belong to Him.

We do like belonging, don't we?  It feels a right and a warm concept if our belonging includes purity, love and refuge.

I like "belonging with him" when people describe my relationship to my husband.  I like to be connected to him in that way.  I like when people say I belong to "this church" or "this organization"... that said, I like this notation when I am proud of the church or the organization.

I like to belong.

When I took my husband's name, I became part of his clan (so to speak).  Wearing his last name was a sweet thing for me--- they are a good people, a good family.  I like being associated with him, his dad, his mom, his brother and sister.  I like the connection.  I love the belonging that came with my marriage.

But, deep down... whose am I?  If my husband were to die... and I were to take another last name, would that change my essence?  No.  If I stopped belonging to that organization, this church or that team would it change who I am in any essential parts?  No.

First and foremost, I belong to God.  I am His kid.  I am His girl.  His princess.  I am essentially, in essence, and in reality His girl alone.

Remembering this truth throughout my every day is key.  I believe that freedom would abound in my life if I walked every moment under the awareness and umbrella of  being "His alone".  If I awoke each morning, ate each meal, parented each child, walked each place with the concept of being His and serving Him alone... what might my life look like?

Paul knew.  He knew whose he was and to whom he owed his allegiance.  I want to know this more. I want to walk in the beauty of this belonging.

In my attempt to know Him more this year, I have been making a list of words and phrases I find describing Him as I read His word each day.  Let me share a few of the words...

This is Whose I am:

I belong to...
a giver
an initiator
one Who is findable
one Who is merciful 
and higher than the heavens
a majestic King
one Who is strong
Who is eternal and endless
one Who is holy
one Who sees all
I belong to the One who
notices and questions
who rewards
and judges
I belong to the One who is
a rock
a lover
a fortress
a hope
a refuge

I am His!!  This amazing, loving, wonderful One owns me.  I belong to Him.

Whose are you?

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