"I count myself one of the number of those who write as they learn and learn as they write." ~St. Augustine

Friday, January 6, 2012

Another book for my Best Friend

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Her birthday was coming and I couldn't think of what to get her.  I wanted something personal.  I wanted to give her something special, close, connected, ...something tender.  So, I made her a book---my sweet friend.  I made a scrapbook to celebrate her.

It wasn't hard or a chore, it was a delight.  Truly.  I treasure her friendship in my life and so it brought much joy to find pictures and write a bit about her.

And, when it came to describing her, the words came easily.  I could easily have listed 10 more words to describe my friend.  I couldn't have done this five years ago.  I knew her then, yes, but our knowledge of each other has grown past simple knowledge, or the light friendship we had five years ago.

These days, we talk a lot, this friend and me.  And, we are in each other's lives a lot.  I am beginning to learn what she might say, or think or feel in any given circumstances.  Learning, that is---because she is complex and the learning opportunities never end.  But, that said, finding words to describe her is easy.  I know her more and so putting a few words on a page to describe her was a breeze.

This is what I want in my relationship with God.  I know Him.  I believe I know Him well.  Certainly I know Him much more than I did 20 years ago when we first met!  But, there is still so much to know about Him.  And, I long to know Him that much more!

As I set my sails toward "the knowledge of God" this year, I have started a new habit.  I took a chunk from the back pages of my journal and relegated them to the collection of data---data about God.  Words, phrases, ideas.  As I journey through Scripture this year, it is my goal to write down (maybe daily, even) what I find out about Him.  Just one word, or phrase, at a time.

I tried this just once yesterday, reading Isaiah 55 and filled a half of a page of different words to describe who He is.  What fun!

So, just as I did for my friend, I guess I am making another book---of sorts--- for Best Friend.  My God.

To celebrate Him.  And, to know Him better.  My sweet Friend.  My kind Father.  My ever present Counselor.  My savior.
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