"I count myself one of the number of those who write as they learn and learn as they write." ~St. Augustine

Monday, December 21, 2009


Ah! the beauty of a freshly fallen snow!

Yesterday's post talked about a book I have been attempting to read. The theme of this book is living a life of gratefulness or "prayerfulness". According to the author, this prayer-filled life is one of of awareness, one of "aliveness", and or wakefulness. It has reminded me of the importance of noticing and watching for the "gifts" that are all around me. I have been challenged to see all things as gifts-- everything is a gift. The author challenges one to live amongst even the mundane in surprise, awe and gratefulness.

It snowed last night and we woke to a blanket of white. Snow is not mundane! We are living in a moment of awe and wow! in our home this morning! The kids are outside playing in the thin layer of white that covers our garden. It doesn't snow here regularly, so we were not anticipating it... but we were hoping! In fact, we prayed and asked God for this gift. Maybe we should have been anticipating it?!

Last night I read from this sleepy book, my boring book, that has impacted me greatly! The author talks about true gratefulness as rooted in a deep trust. We are thankful for a gift when we trust (even just a little trust) the giver. A truly thankful response is spoken to a friend when the gift is handed to you... not after you have opened it. A truly grateful person is handed the gift and experiences a "thank you" of heart that precedes the knowledge of the gift inside. This is trust. Who cares that the size of the package is the perfect size for a bomb or a rotten egg... we trust the one who hands it to us and say thank you with perfect freedom. My friend would not give me a bomb or a rotten smelling egg! I expect good things are in this little gold wrapped package!

Ah! If we could transfer this to all things given by our Father, the Giver! If I could thank God for each thing that comes my way, without knowing the inside or the outcome... simply because I trust the Giver. I know He gives good things. I know that even those things that are difficult, ugly or "bomb" like in my life are given in love. Here is the rub. To be content in all things... whether in much or little. To be thankful in all circumstances and rejoice always. To look at suffering and rejoice... because we know and deeply trust the One who gives or allow, at least, the circumstances and suffering around us.

So, to stand in awe and gratefulness when looking at the new fallen snow, the rain, the hail, the wind and the mud... this is the challenge of the day. I want to see my Father's good hand in all these and more. Open my eyes, Lord, I want to see you today! Make me aware and awake all day to your gifts--- the good, the hard and the ugly. May I walk through my day today in a state of anticipation for Your gifts, for Your Presence and for Your snow!
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