"I count myself one of the number of those who write as they learn and learn as they write." ~St. Augustine

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Me, too, Bethlehem

Insignificant. Insignificant was the word he used to describe this little village, this little town in the hills of Judah. My heart soared the moment that he spoke the words... "the insignificant town of Bethlehem" From deep within, with tears welling, came my immediate response... "Me, too, Bethlehem!"

The minister said it was characteristic of how God worked. I know. Me, too, Bethlehem. He rarely chooses the most powerful people or the most beautiful places to use when He is working. Sometimes He does, but rarely. Rarely does God choose to invade the lives of the prominent, the wise and the gorgeous. More often He chooses the insignificant, the deaf, the dumb and the ugly. I know. Me, too, Bethlehem.

Insignificant was the town of Bethlehem when David, Israel's king, was born there. Still insignificant this little hill country town was when Jesus spent His first night on earth there. But, God chose it... visited it... and used it. Now Bethlehem is know across the nations and preached about among the unreached of the world. Bethlehem is part of that wonderful story. Bethlehem is famous now. Bethlehem is spoken of, sung about and visited often. Bethlehem is profoundly significant now.

Something insignificant becoming significant by God. I know. Me, too, Bethlehem.

Insignificant was this little girl. Small, quiet and unnoticed by most. Stephanie, unknown and unimportant. Sad and lonely was this little teenage girl that the Lord chose those many years ago... He visited... and is now using. Now she is profoundly significant... a dearly loved child of the Almighty King, a daughter, a saint, a servant of the Most High God.

Something insignificant becoming significant because of God.

Me, too, Bethlehem.
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