"I count myself one of the number of those who write as they learn and learn as they write." ~St. Augustine

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Heavy Loads

In Luke 5 we read about "some men" carrying a paralytic on a mat.

It isn't clear in the passage how many men helped or who they were. Were they his friends? His neighbor? We have no idea.

No names and no descriptions are given. Who these men were is apparently immaterial. What we do know is why they carried this load, this sick man. We know that their faith propelled them to carry the man. We know that they had faith in Christ's power to heal.

Somewhere deep within they believed, and then acted on this belief. They knew that if only they could lay him at the feet of the Miracle Worker, this Bondage Breaker, this Savior He would do something wonderful. We know this belief infused them with amazing gumption and gusto. They pushed through a large crowd, climbed on top of a house (with the man, mind you!) and then dug through the roof... lowering him down.

I have known a bit of the load that these men knew. I haven't physically carried a man before... but my heart, my mind and my soul have carried many in prayer. Sometimes the load of sick men and "paralytics" feels too much for me to bear. I feel that my spiritual arms might give out. I feel that my spiritual feet might not be able to take one more step.

But, then faith kicks in! I know, more than I know anything else to be true, that my Lord, my Jesus can and will do miracles!! He is my Miracle Worker, my Bondage Breaker and my Savior. Miracles of heart, soul, mind and body I have seen. I have known Him to do miracles and break bondage in my own life!

And, so I plod on and carry these souls that He has given me. Are they all friends? No, some are just "neighbors". Does it matter my name or by what means I get them there? No! I will cry my prayers... I will sing my prayers..I will whisper them in the middle of the night or while washing dishes. All that matters is that that I carry them. I must carry them to the Christ and lay them down.

I wonder if these men themselves had been healed. Had they known the touch of the Master's hand on their eyes, their hands or their feet? Did this push them forward in their faith-filled task?

What is most beautiful to me about this story today is that it was some men... not just one. I need the "some men" around me while I carry some of these burdens. He has given me friends, comrades-in-arms, to carry the load and this does wonder for my soul. I don't have to carry him, her, them... on my own.

My "some men" friends, those that know the healing power of our Lord themselves too, are carrying the load with me on this leg of the journey. This does wonders. It is like I can see their striving faces across the mat, they are feeling the weight of the mat. But, the load is a bit lighter than if I had to carry it on my own... we both know that!

And, we know that when we get them to Jesus, we can lay them down. Ah! the release and relief that comes when we lay them down. I don't have to continually wear them on my back. All I must do is get them to Jesus. I must. They must be placed at His feet! I will do anything to get them there. And so I trod on, weary and heavy laden. I go to Him that can heal, lay them down with deep faith, and I find rest for my soul and deep hope for theirs.
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