"I count myself one of the number of those who write as they learn and learn as they write." ~St. Augustine

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy Hope Year

"Happy New Year" we say to each other... This sweet greeting, that often comes with a hug, a kiss or a hand shake, is a blessing. Whether we know it or not, we are speaking blessing into each other's lives as we say, "Happy New Year". We are saying to each other,"May this next year, this new year, be happy for you!"

We had a sweet celebration last night and wished each other happiness in the new year as we feasted, played games, laughed and talked late into the night.

Reflecting and reading this morning I was struck with the simplest of phrases... a verse you might see 100 times or more in Scripture. "Blessed is he whose hope is in the Lord" (Psalm 146). The word we translate "Blessed" from Hebrew simply means happy or happiness. Happy is the one whose hope is in the Lord... it could be written.

Hope is about looking forward toward the future, or toward the New Year in my case this morning. What an appropriate scripture for all new year celebrations! Happy New Year translated--- Happy are you who hope in the Lord this next year!! Even more simply put, "Happy Hope Year". May you be happy as you hope in Him.

What is it I hope in 2010? What do I want this next year? This was the discussion I started with my Father (or better said, He started with me...) this morning. What do I want with 2010?

I want to put my hope and my trust in Him more this New Year.

I want to strip off that which hinders me and to run with perseverance toward life in Him, my goal, my prize.

I want to listen and to obey with joy and freedom.

I want to eagerly watch, to look, to expect Him and be aware of His presence, His voice and His will.

I want to live a life of thanksgiving, praise, worship and gratefulness. I want to see everything as a gift from Him and await His surprises for me around every corner of life.

I want more of Him this New Year. My hope is in Him, for He himself, as my happiness this new year.

I want a Happy New Year! I want a blessed new year... a happy future, hoping in Him!

Happy are you who hope in the Lord this next year! Happy Hope Year!
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