"I count myself one of the number of those who write as they learn and learn as they write." ~St. Augustine

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Fresh Wind

Past experience is like the old manna, it breeds worms and stinks if it be relied upon. The moment a man begins to pride himself on the grace he used to have six years ago you may depend upon it he has very little now. - Charles Spurgeon

We do this I think... often. Recently I had talked with a mom about her faith, her heart. She talked about her college years... those sweet years when she was close to the Lord. With light in her eyes she talked about the challenge that she had known from the Word, the closeness of His voice and the sweetness of worship during that stage in her life. In the same conversations, she told me with sadness of her current dryness (she is now in her late 20's...) Oh!, too many years of dryness!!

It isn't that she isn't a believer (she certainly hasn't lost her status as a loved daughter of the faithful King!). It isn't that she doesn't attend church or once-in-a while read her Bible and pray. She does. She loves God and is dearly loved by Him. She just maybe loves a memory of the Father more than a current person. She is relying on day old--- year old--- manna.

We look back at what God has done in our lives. We relish in our memory those special moments of worship, those sweet times of fellowship or those periods in our lives when we "had" great times with the Lord. We look back and rely on those experiences.

We need new, now, and fresh experiences with God and His word. Today. Yes, it is important to look back and remember WHO God is and all that He has done... this aids in our hope for today. But, we can not rely on these times in our lives. We can't say... I used to walk with God. We must be able to say, "I am walking with God. I know Him today, I talked with Him this morning..." This real, genuine, today-fresh faith will bring fruit for this season. We can't eat from old, rotten and moldy fruit... it won't last.

I just talked with this mom this week and she is running back to Him daily. She is ready to get to know Him again! She told me of times this week when she was challenged by His word and she told of a heart looking for Him through her day. This mom is now getting fresh manna. Does it look different than it did in college? Absolutely! and that is okay!... This part of the journey, the scenery, has changed dramatically. But, He is the same and I can just see His smile over this daughter. I can just sense His delight as His dearly loved daughter is looking for Him today. No more looking back at the Red Sea of life... but instead looking, feeling, watching for the fresh wind coming through her bedroom window.

Oh, sweet Lord that we would run to you each day! Thank you for your faithful character and your steadfast love that allows us to come back each day, mercies new! Oh, dear loving Father, that we would know You more and more each day. I want to see you afresh today!
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