"I count myself one of the number of those who write as they learn and learn as they write." ~St. Augustine

Thursday, October 8, 2009

God's massive craft

It was a simple prayer. We were singing and praying as a team. Words of praise were flowing freely. The theme of the moment was thanksgiving for God and His creation. It was a sweet moment. The sound of the rain outside was a backdrop. Nature was singing background music for the moment of worship.

It was in this moment, that from the mouth of my babe, my sweet girl, came a simple prayer that moved my heart. A simple prayer that felt to me to equal the "holy, holy, holy" choir before the throne we read about in Isaiah. Pure and holy worship. She said, "Thank you, Lord for crafts! Thank you Lord that You made me to make crafts. Thank you that You love crafts! Really, Lord, You made the most humongous craft when You created the world. Thank You, Lord!" 

God's humongous craft... her very words of praise.

She was thanking God for Popsicle sticks and glue. 

She was praising God for pipe cleaners and bobble-eyes! She was seeing the green grass and purple flowers around us as the very scissor-cut-shapes of God. I believe His heart was touched. I couldn't help but smile in the moment and I believe He did, too.

God did do on amazing craft project, didn't he?!

He didn't use glitter and crayons... but, He used His voice, His presence, His words to glue all this together! 

One look at the strange animals on this earth and one can clearly see that God likes bobble-eyes and glitter! One look at a sunset, the mountains, the ocean and flowers and it is clear that He loves color! May we worship Him as the great Creator that He is. May we live our lives seeing His hand in the glued-on color of red, yellow and orange leaves of autumn.

This moment of worship was punctuated this morning as I read in Job 38, "Can you bind the beautiful Pleiades? Can you loose the cords of Orion? He not only created each star and named it, but He pulls them together in a shape, a beautiful, creative shape. He draws with the stars! That is an amazing, massive, "humongous" craft!

A simple prayer. May I pray so simply and have faith like a child.

Lord, I worship you today! The earth and all that is in it is Yours. You layed the foundation of the earth and You created the earth and the sky! You are a creative God! You are beautiful and deserve all honor, glory and praise. I stand with my daughter in simple praise. Thank you Lord for craft sticks, tape, markers and construction paper. Thank you that You provide these things not because we need them, but just because they are abundance and fun! We worship You with our crafts, our projects and our art!
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