"I count myself one of the number of those who write as they learn and learn as they write." ~St. Augustine

Monday, October 19, 2009

Presence Opened Up

When God showed up to speak with the people of Israel, they were terrified and asked that it would stop. They didn't want the hear from God. It was too much for them.

When Isaiah saw the Lord in His temple, He fell down with a "Woe to me" and pleaded for mercy from this High and Lifted One.

Even Moses who met with God and spoke with the Lord as a friend, could not see His face. God told Him that His face would bring death. Certain death would come to anyone who would look on Almighty God's face. God Himself protected His friend Moses from His face. The face of God. The presence of God is an awesome thing.

And then the blood!... The important, beyond words important, death of Christ brought a change in our relationship with God. Because of the cross and the blood of Jesus, the face of God would no longer kill. Christ took that certain death when He took our sin.

And, now we can come boldly into the throne room. We can stand before this High and Lifted One with awe, yes, but with confidence, security, warmth and from a starting point of one loved and forgiven. God doesn't have to protect us from His face any longer. In fact, He put on flesh and blood and showed us His face in living color. We could look at Him, touch Him, and hear His voice.

We don't have to be terrified. We can be sure and secure in His love. His perfect love cast out all fear at the cross and it is in this state... as ones loved, that we stand before the face of God. What a gift! What an awesome thing!

Thank you Father for Your son! Lord teach me to live as one dearly loved. Lord teach me to live in awareness of Your presence. You come in power and in stillness. You come with shouts into my soul and with whispers into my heart. May I know You more today and come to You with confidence and boldness.
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