"I count myself one of the number of those who write as they learn and learn as they write." ~St. Augustine

Monday, September 26, 2011

Sharing a bit of bread...

I write here, in part, because I read.

Just today I found myself thankful for those who have gone before me and have written about their journey. I thanked God today for Amy Carmichael. On Friday, I thanked God for Charles Spurgeon. These men and women walked with Christ and wrote of their thoughts, their feelings, and God's words to them... and I am fed by their writings.

Like the friends that brought food from their homes to feed my family when I was sick; these old and ancient "friends" feed me with the food they have received from God. I eat of the manna they collected. I am so glad they wrote.

So, I write here of my journey. I write here about small things, random thoughts, and real-life walking because maybe, just maybe, it will nourish... as it nourishes me. I want to share with you from my kitchen, from the little manna I collected today.

I don't consider myself in the league of Amy Carmichael or Charles Spurgeon, to be sure; but, I as I read their writings, I realize they too were just people. ...God likes to use men and women "just like us" (James 5:17)

So, I offer you here a bit of bread from my table... given to me from a "friend", Charles Spurgeon. I just must share!!

"The great Head of the Church is actively engaged in providing for his people. He does not sit down upon the throne in empty state, or hold a sceptre without wielding it in government. No, he stands and feeds (Micah 5:4). The expression "feeds" in the original, is like an analogous one in the Greek, which means to shepherd, to do everything expected of a shepherd; to guide, to watch, to preserve, to restore, to tend, as well as to feed. His reign is continual in its duration. It is said, "He shall stand and feed"; not "He shall feed now and then, and leave his position"; not, "He shall one day grant revival, and then next day leave his Church to barrenness." His eyes never slumber, and his hands never rest; his heart never ceases to beat with love, and his shoulders are never weary of carrying his people's burdens. Happy are we who belong to such a shepherd!"
(from Spurgeon's Morning and Evening Devotions)
I also offer you my list. .. a continued list of counting my blessings, the multitude of graces that God gives to me each day. I am working my way to make a list of 1,000 gifts from God.
I count with others at "aholyexperience.com"... go to this beautiful site, explore other's lists, praise God and join the count!

#908. Sunshine
909. Dark, cold mornings
910. Warm heaters, warm old comfy sweaters.
911. Sermons that make me think and ask hard questions.
912. The beauty of creation... large and small.
913. Dates with my man!
914. The kids confident in being left home alone, while we go on a date.
915. Seeing obedience in our dog!
916. 40 birthday on a cake and being invited to join in the celebration.
917. What Christ has done for me... and is doing for me.
918. Snoring
919. Her excitement about her youth group.
920. Emails and friendship.
921. Messy morning hair.
926. Auto coffee maker.
927. Her improv on the piano--- just magical.
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