"I count myself one of the number of those who write as they learn and learn as they write." ~St. Augustine

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Homeschool Lessons for Mom

I love schooling my kids. Not only do I get to relearn all those fun things, like how to divide fractions and diagram a sentence... (who really remembers what a predicate direct object is or the functions of a linking verb?) ...But, I also get to "relearn" (or learn for the first time... it all seems new!) the facts of history and science. Did I ever really learn about the Harripan Civilization or the Akkadian Empire?!

But, my favorite pieces of our history lessons are our biblical history... the learning about God's work from Creation till now. I love watching Him create, pursue, teach, discipline and lead His people throughout history.

For the first time, I am learning (and hoping my kids are picking up a bit, too!) the stories of the Old Testament in the context of world history. We are learning about the Phoenicians and the Babylonians while reading about King Saul, King David and Solomon. We are seeing the development of the Assyrian Civilization that will soon (on our timeline) take over Israel after God's kingdom splits into two.

From multiple secular books we are learning about the Baal worship and then reading about Elijah's battle and confrontation (or should I say God's!) with 400 Baal prophets in 875 BC. These context lessons make it all so much more real to me. I begin to read the Old Testament with new eyes.

Elijah was a man just like us, James tells us. I am seeing that in a new way. Our brother in faith, Elijah, was filled with God's strength and confronted 400 Baal prophets! What must that have been like for him that day? What confidence (or fear?!) might he have felt as he followed the Lord's command that day. What must he have been thinking as he covered the offering three times with water? And, then I wonder what must it have been like to actually see God's fire come down and consume the offering.

If you have a minute read this account again today--- it is absolutely breath-taking!! (1 Kings 18). And, even better, read it out loud if you can. Powerful.

After reading the passage to my children during history time, we talked about God and His amazing power. Then we listened to a song (from my new 'birthday' album that I am loving) and I was moved to tears... just full -blown worship-filled, hand raised tears. Have a listen... Forevermore, Aaron Shust .

While listening to the song, I could just see Elijah, the prophets of Baal, and the people of God standing around the altar. I could just imagine the "whoooosh"--- the fire filled power of God coming down--- in one fell swoop. This is the God I worship and I serve. This is my Father!!? This is the One I climb out of my warm bed each morning to go and meet!? This God... The One who sends fire from heaven and LICKS up the water around the offering, totally consuming the sacrifice and the stones!! He is forevermore!

I love remembering WHO my God is! I love knowing that I am connected to Elijah in this way. Elijah is in that great crowd (cloud of witnesses in Hebrews 12). Elijah is in that witness-crowd, worshipping God and watching earth cheering the perseverance of the saints. What a thought.

And in those sweet moments when my head is back, my eyes are lifted, my hands are raised---I am moved to say to God with all my being, "You are forevermore!!"

In those moments, I know I am just joining in with a massive historical chorus--- a multitude of voices that have proceeded me in worship.

Ah... the reminders... the lessons for Mom in home school. Maybe my kids learned something yesterday, I don't know?! But, I did.
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