"I count myself one of the number of those who write as they learn and learn as they write." ~St. Augustine

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tent Living

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It is just a tent.  It is a temporary place to sleep, to play, and to live from...  but, just a tent.

To be sure, I believe it is good stewardship to keep my tent in good repair.  I need to keep it clean, sew up the holes, and patch the weather-worn places.  ...  It would be good and right for me to carry my tent well, keep it secure and store it wisely.

I want my tent to last and to withhold the rain, the wind and the hot sun!  But, in the end, it is only a tent.

Camping here in Wales has been eye opening to me.  Being a Southern California girl, I was accustomed to tent camping that included no rain, no wind and lots of warm weather.  The tents I camped in where minimalist. They didn't need much care!  ...nothing much buffeted them.  Now, I have experienced something very different.  The state of your tent is very important here.  The wind and the rain can be rutheless here.

I am learning (as I age)...the state of my earthly tent is very important, indeed.  But, this body of mine, it is still only a tent.

One must care well for their tent, yes!  It must be strong, sturdy and well looked after ... it would be unwise to go camping any other way!

But, in the end... it is still just a tent.  You live in it temporarily and then put it aside.  It isn't home.

This body of mine.  ...it isn't permanent.

My body is a temporary living arrangement.  It isn't my home.  Yes, I need it to be strong and I believe God would have me care for this tent He has given me, to honor Him with all He has given me.  ...to steward it well.  But, it is really good to remember it is only a tent.

...no hanging of pictures on the wall will be necessary.

...no furnishing needed for long term unpacking.

...no change of address, or forwarding card.

...no painting, no extra bells-and-whistles needed.... just a good, healthy sturdy tent. Good, temporary housing for the camping journey; able to withstand the coming rain, the wind and the weather.

My days are numbered (Psalm 39:4).  I am reminded that I am a stranger here on earth (Psalm 119: 19) and an alien (1 Peter 2:11).  I am looking and longing for a better place, a heavenly home... (Hebrews 11:16)

All men are like grass, their glory like the flowers of a field.  The grass withers and the flowers fade...  (1 Peter 1:24)

I am eagerly waiting a beautifully secure, eternal, fade-less dwelling place.  ...and while waiting, I patch a few holes and clean this God-given tent.  And, I remember it is just temporary.

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