"I count myself one of the number of those who write as they learn and learn as they write." ~St. Augustine

Monday, October 31, 2011

Delight Over You


What a beautiful word.  There is something whole and sweet about the concept of delight.

It is a good word.  For me, it brings to mind little girls twirling, boys making up silly songs and yummy ice-cream cones.  This word communicates to my heart a picture of laughter and smiling faces.

This afternoon, I read words that seemed to jump off the page, "The Lord takes delight in His people..." (Psalm 149:4).  I was so struck with these words, having read them in my devotional,  I actually had to turn in my Bible to check if it did indeed say that... And, it does!  The Lord takes delight.  Delight.  What a word!

I have read this before.  I know this, right?  I would have been able to articulate God's love for His kids.  But, something about these words struck a chord with me today.

Is it because I have taken delight, much delight, in my daughter lately?  I can relate to the word delight.  Recently, I have been aware of my delight over my girl.  I have watched her interact with people, or worship the Lord... and I have delighted.

I watch her wrestle with deep, hard, heavy emotions and communicate through conflict ... and I delight.  As she grows and stretches her budding wings, I have deeply delighted in her.  Recently, I have genuinely delighted in my girl.

To imagine that God Almighty feels such an emotion about His children, ...about me..., touches my heart today in a special way.

And, to be clear, my sweet girl has not been perfect recently.  To be honest, there have been many moments, of late, that I have certainly not enjoyed with my darling pre-teen!  Her behavior has not always been pristine, to be sure.   

But, my delight in my children hasn't been limited to now: when they are old enough to do right, or to respond well, or to love me back.  I delighted in my girl the day she was born.  I remember singing over her and smiling at the sight of her.  I remember hopefulness and awe.  I remember pure joy in her little nose, her wiggling arms, her wandering eyes.  Every non-verbal, non-important sound she made... I delighted.

Even now, I look at my son's face and see his freckles... and I delight.  He doesn't have to do anything...

What does delight feel like?  When I delight in my kids, I feel ...warm inside.  I feel fullness. Contented joy. I feel proud.  I smile.  I feel connected to them.  I long to be with them and look at them.  I stand in wonder and in awe.  I feel happy and I anticipate.  I feel hope when I delight in my kids.  I wonder what they will become, or I long to see them go even further still.  Is this delight?   Is this, in part, how my Father feels about His kids?  Is this how He feels about me... about you?

What a thought!

His word tells us that He delights in His children.  Psalm 147... tells us again, "The Lord delights in those who fear Him, those who put their hope in His unfailing love".  That is me.  I fear the Lord (certainly, I desire and am learning to fear Him) and I put my hope in His love!  He delights in these--- His kids.

He delights in me.

Do I know this to be true about God's love over His people in general, yes.  But, to be honest, this is hard for me to take-in, to really believe, for me.  I need to sit in this awhile and ask Him to show me His Truth.

Zephaniah 3:17 says that the Lord rejoices over His children with gladness.  He sings over them and enjoys them.  He is happy over them.  Do I make Him smile?

John Piper is famous for his words about our delight in God, and God's delight and pleasure over His children.  And, I am thankful that he (and many other's before him) remind us of this Truth.  (to read more:  Why God Tells Us He Delights, by John Piper).

We need to know Who God really is... and we need to know who we really are, in Him.  

To walk each and every day in the knowledge of His delight over me... how would this impact me, my thoughts, my everyday actions?

Father, show me more of You.  Thank you for Your word that is alive and active.  Holy Spirit, teach me and lead me into all Truth!  May I know You more, Who You really are.  And, may I know Your Truth about me.  ...to think rightly about You, about me and about all Your children.  Teach me, Lord.  For Your glory alone...  
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