"I count myself one of the number of those who write as they learn and learn as they write." ~St. Augustine

Monday, March 28, 2011

Public Toilet Thankfulness

Thankfulness. Real, deep, genuine, heart-thankfulness has been a sweet pathway to joy these past few weeks. It is amazing what "hunting" for daily, ...even mundane..., gifts and blessings has done in my life and heart. I am loving it!

My daughter looked at me last week and said with a smile, "Mom, you aren't like this normally!"

Confused, I responded, "Like what?"

"Happy!"she said.

And, she is absolutely right. Happy is not a word that would normally describe Stephanie. Not that "sad" would describe me exactly either. But, for better or worse, there are many words to describe me... some very positive words and some negative words. Happy is not one of them. Happy would not likely make it on anyones' "Describe Stephanie"-list.

But, that is changing. I feel it. And, one of the many ways/tools that Father has been using to change this is my daily hunt... looking for gifts of love from Him.

I realized what a huge difference it was making in my life the other day when I was suddenly sick with a stomach issue. After spending some significant time in the grocery store toilet, I drove 20 minutes and stopped for much needed errand at the post office. In desperation, I had to *very quickly* make my way to a the public toilet in town. (maybe all this way-too-much-information... sorry ;))

There I was sick... quite sick... on a public, cold toilet and I found thankfulness welling up in my mind and heart. I kid-you-not, I found myself so thankful and making my "list". I was grateful that there WAS a public toilet. I was thankful that it was clean (ish). I was thankful that it had toilet paper. And, that there was no one else using it!

And, this genuine heart-thankfulness wrapped that sick day in a deep joy that wouldn't have been there but for the hunt... the discipline of looking hard for grace, gifts and blessings!!

So, here is my list... or a part of my list... from this past week. I keep counting, making my way to 1,000 and beyond.

#249. a public toilet.

#255. friendly neighbors

#257. Answered prayer again.

#259. Incessant, happy bird song, they will not be stopped!

#263. Reading in bed snuggled-up together.

#269. A sky full of stars.

#273. A new "favorite" spot to go and pray.

#278. New recipes.

#279. Watch a diligent bird find sticks to build his hidden nest.

#281. Naughty puppy after strewn trash all over yard, her hilarious feigned repentance.

#286. That hilarious look my son gets on his face when he is watching Tom and Jerry. He is just tickled.

#288. A phone call made on my behalf, in love.

#301. Hot coffee in a bowl, laughter with friends, fun night out.

#305. Soft pjs

#316. The powerful name of Jesus.

#321. The bread.

#322. The cup.

#329. His wounds that bring my healing.

Thankfulness. Gratefulness. A heart that is thankful... NOT in a trite way, but in a true and genuine way. To see all of life as a gift. All of life as grace. Continue to teach me, Lord Jesus.

I am sharing my list on Mondays with a bunch of others... to read other lists or join the adventure, go to www.aholyexperience.com

Worship is a complicated idea. Arguably, it’s what we all do, 24 hours a day (regardless of what we’re worshipping). ~Derek Webb
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