"I count myself one of the number of those who write as they learn and learn as they write." ~St. Augustine

Monday, March 14, 2011

Thankful God said No

God said "no" to His Son's plea. And, I am so thankful!

Jesus wept and struggled ...and began to bleed. All the while, He asked His loving Father to, "take this cup from me". And the Father said, "No".

Oh! How thankful I am that He said "no" to this prayer. In His "no" to Jesus... was His "yes" to the world.

In the beautiful study, "Contemplating the Cross" (my Lenten study), the author asks this question: What would your life hold today had Jesus dashed "the cup" to the ground and refused to drink it? What if Jesus had said "no" to the Father?!

What might it looked like if the Father had said, "Yes" to His beloved Son's painful request? Or what if Christ had refused obedience and submission to the Father's will?

What if He hadn't died on the cross that day? In other words, what might my life look like without the cross?

There are no words, really, that describe what I might have been; or, WHO I would have been? What I might have become, or done, or how I might have lived ...without the Savior's blood shed on the cross... the images come streaming in. And, they aren't pretty!!

The physical consequences alone could have been extreme; but, the emotional and spiritual consequences of a "never-shed-blood" scenario are staggering. What the Father has done through His Son's blood in my heart,my body, my mind, my soul is immense!!

My Father's "no" to Jesus was a resounding "Yes" to me!

Yes! to forgiveness and grace. Yes to relationship and connection. Yes to intimacy. Yes to eternity.

Because of His shed blood and because of His drinking my cup of sin--- I am who I am. The freedom I know. The peace I experience. The wholeness and the rightness of mind. The blessings. The joy! The health of soul. ...And, on the list goes.

All these and so much more! I am deeply thankful. Words simply are not sufficient to express the thankfulness that wells up in my heart today! And, so I just say, "Thank you, Jesus" and share a few points from my gratefulness-list. For, I keep counting!!!

#119 New baby lambs drinking from their mamas.

#123 The beautiful sound of a running brook. Like a happy song.

#127 Invitation to a party!

#131 The Father's amazing grace that covers all my sins and heals all my diseases!

#134 Laughter and fun creating a "solar system" replica to cover our wardrobe door.

#138 Wind. Powerful, almost scary-sounding, amazing wind.

#143 A date with my son. Flying gliders and eating ice-cream and quiet moments of snuggles.

#146 My dishwasher.

#149 Hearing my husband's voice on the phone.

#156 My man returns home after a work-related trip. Just his presence fills me with joy and peace.

O Jesus, my sweet Savior, I am so thankful. Words fall short. I can't say all that is in my heart! Thank you. Thank you, my Jesus. Thank you!

How many are your works, O LORD! Psalm 104
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