"I count myself one of the number of those who write as they learn and learn as they write." ~St. Augustine

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Lots of sin today!

In a conversation about God's faithful forgiveness, my daughter said to me, "I sinned so much yesterday!"

Oh! Sweet girl.

My response... "You sin so much everyday, sweet girl. And, so do I!"

And, thus the amazing beauty of God's grace and forgiveness. New, fresh mercy each morning is what He offers us!!

Doesn't it feel sometimes like some days are "more full of sin" than others? Or, when we sin "big-time", we feel out of sync or out of peace with God. ...as it should be.

Certainly, there are days when our hearts are more prone to wander and our rebellion is stronger. These days we are not only "missing the mark", but rebelling against God's known will. And, this is deep and ugly. These are ugly days, Yes.

But, the reality is that each day---every day---my heart and will are full of sin, and old-man tendencies. Every day I sin a lot!

And, thus, I need God's daily grace. When I see this as true about myself, then I can walk on the only sure foundation... His love, His faithfulness, His righteousness and His mercy. When I know this AND receive this fresh mercy daily, then I know Who He is and Who I am because of Him. Forgiven. Graced. Loved. Blessed.

"All is grace", Ann Voskamp says. And, I agree with her. ALL. Every day. Every good and perfect thing... grace. And, so I give thanks today for that All, Everyday Grace:

...and join the many others making "thankfulness" and grace-filled lists at www.aholyexperience.com. I am counting my way to 1,000 grace gifts!

#516. Tender moments

#517. Confessed sin.

#518. Fried egg made for me by my 9 year old son.

#519. Reading the Word together as a family.

#520. Remembering Who He is and Who I am in Him.

#521. He confesses to me, I forgive.

#522. I confess sin to him, and he forgives.

#522. Open mouths, head back, loud laughter.

#527. Newly planted plum and apple tree

#534. A brightly painted family mural.

#536. A quiet walk.

#539. Second chances.

#545. Tasks done, lists checked off!

#549. Kissing dots!!... (the freckles on my son's face)

#552. A week of BBQ meat, chicken and fish. THAT is a holiday!

#525. Prayer with my man.

#527. Scratching their sweet backs. ...more, mommy, they whisper.

#539. A 4 day old foal.

#544. The Sound of Music. ...and singin' along.

#558-563. The ability to work. And, write. And, sing. And, dance. And, see. And, hear.

All is grace. He is grace and love. In Him I have my everything!
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