"I count myself one of the number of those who write as they learn and learn as they write." ~St. Augustine

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Renew Thee in My Love

"....we know that we depend on something that is not of ourselves to keep us fresh and green.

And we know that we are sometimes too spent even to pray for it. We need not pray.

There are times when all that is asked of us is just what is asked of the leaves and flowers. They continue in the plant, the sap flows up to them.

Continue in my love. Remain in my love. ...Do not go away, He says. Be silent, then, in my love.

And as we are silent, letting our hearts rest in quietness in Him from whom is our expectation, He will cause the sap to rise.

He will renew us in His love."
~Amy Carmichael, Rose from Brier
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